fountain-water-gardenLakes, fountains, waterfalls

The sight and the sound of water have always attracted people's interest. Water gives very attractive element of the garden. Water gardens can include fountains, waterfalls, ponds or complex combinations of stone structures and lighting.

Water gardens become outdoor living spaces into a beautiful paradise where you can take a rest, relax and enjoy a pleasant time with family and friends. Water features are a natural focus of every garden with their melodious sounds and the ability to attract a variety of birds and butterflies.

  Whether you are adding a small decorative fountain at the entrance of your home, or you are turning your yard into a small ecosystem with pond and waterfall, for sure you will make each day in your yard more pleasant. As for the spacious lawn and for smaller areas, we can offer you an appropriate element, corresponding to your style and budget.

lynx1279137980Irrigation/ misting systems

When temperatures rise up, we from Novena EOOD are ready to create a small oasis for you. Every single part of our external cooling systems is a result of the combination between innovation, quality materials and impeccable attention to details.

External Irrigation systems are based on the principle of movement of the air by evaporation of water. Special nozzles disperse the water into tiny particles, which produces a fine mist, thus obtaining the effect of cooling by evaporation of water.
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