When it comes to landscape and gardening, everyone has different ideas about how it should look the yard and the garden. Landscape construction and layout of the areas with ornamental plants are based on a specific project, according to your requirements and budget.

We form “Novena” EOOD will try to fulfill them, qualitatively and responsibly. We will help you and advise you with the selection and the choice of ornamental plants that are best suited for the garden. We will transform your garden in the best way to make sure that you get what you imagined, and even more.

We will give life and soul of your garden!


Here are some of our services:
- Selecting and planting flowers, ornamental shrubs and trees
- Grassing – with grass mixture or turf
- Regeneration of green areas
- Aeration and verticulation of lawns
- Delivery of humus soil
- Delivery of decorative trees and plants at competitive prices
- Fight against weeds and pests and more.

How to look your garden? What you want to achieve - more color, easier maintenance, more modern or themed garden, or just a place to play your children? We will try to find an answer on these questions with you and we will offer you a solution that meets your expectations.

Dendrology plan consistent with your garden.

What is important to know is that the dendrological plan (layout plan of plant species) is essential to have a nice and smooth garden. Our specialists will create a plan to match the conditions in your garden: facing, area, displacement, availability of paths, constructions and others.

Selection of plants, preparation and planting

Preparation is the first stage in the construction of green areas. If you already have an existing garden, some shrubs and trees can be saved, so that together with new plantings to fit into the landscape. The next stage is the choice of plants. We will consult you and will choose plants that will best fit your garden and your budget. We will clean the area and will prepare and fertilize the soil. The next step is planting new plants - for each plant, that we have planted, you will receive a guarantee, i.e. we will change it our expense, if the plant is not pinched.


Grassing - grass mixture or turf?

Grassing with a grass mix is cheaper and more easily enforceable, but on behalf of that, the result is achieved after a certain time - 30-40 days after sowing. Also, planting of grass mix is more limited during the year - spring, late summer, early fall.

The construction of green space with turf is more expensive option, but on the other hand the result is immediately available. Within one day you may already have green lawn. Grassed areas with sod are more resistant to erosion and emergence of weeds.

Watering system?

With climate changes and sudden droughts during the summer season, irrigation system has become mandatory to have a nice looking lawn. Therefore, before attempting to grassing, it is good to consider the construction of an automated irrigation system.

More information can be obtained on our web page for irrigation systems. .

Quality for your money

We are working with a number of garden centers and nurseries all over the country, who are proven in the production of seedlings. In this way we can offer you the best price-quality ratio of ornamental plants. We have our own transport and we deliver anywhere in the country right to your door.

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