“Novena” EOOD offers comprehensive professional services, related to irrigation systems - from design to installation and maintenance. We provide design, installation, maintenance and repair of irrigation systems for yards and commercial needs.

The construction of automatic irrigation systems will save you time and money and will maintain the comfort in your garden.

Design of irrigation systems

Design and projecting are very important stage in the process of building an irrigation system. Good design of the irrigation system is based on a comprehensive understanding of the soil type; plant species and their type, their support and positioning; microclimate of irrigated land; terraces and slopes in the terrain; exposure to wind, sun and shaded areas; the presence of water and sources of such; the amount of irrigated area, annual rainfall for the area and others.

irrigation-plan The automatic irrigation system shall be designed to cover an optimum irrigation area, to avoid overspending on unnecessary water from irrigation paths and can be easily serviced and repaired if necessary.

Construction of irrigation systems

We build irrigation systems using the latest products: sprinklers - rotary-type or spray-type, programmers, sensors for rain, sun, etc. We are constantly looking for new technologies in the field of automated irrigation systems and drip irrigation.

Our services combine responsible work with high quality materials and as a result you get accurate, efficient and reliable irrigation solutions. They are based on an effective approach for irrigation, according to the needs of particular plants for optimal irrigation of the soil.

And last but not least is the responsibility to work - always leave behind us a clean and tidy work area.


Maintenance of irrigation systems

We offer both year-round maintenance and one-time visits to eliminate problems in the irrigation system. Our goal is to make sure that your irrigation system receives due attention. During spring start, we check all sprinklers, tune them to accurately cover the irrigation area and check whether the programmer is set up correctly for the season. When the weather gets cold, we will go back to drain the water from the irrigation system and to prepare it for the winter season. Winterizing the system in our climate is important for its smooth functioning for years to come.

We from “Novena” EOOD offer free maintenance for a period of one year for each irrigation system built of us.

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