Garden structures can be a fascinating addition to the landscape, but they also have many advantages. For example, garden structures can shade, hide unpleasant views or to add height in the general landscape. They can also increase the living space, on them can be placed beautiful plants or they can create places for privacy. There are many types of garden structures - outdoor kitchens, barbecues, gazebos, pergolas, arches and bridges - all of them can be in a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges.

dsc_4046_pPouring by type and functionality structures and elements are used in the garden:

- Outdoor kitchens, barbecues, gazebos. These structures have a central courtyard, and even many of them turn into an extension of the living space, especially in summer.
- Alpineum or rock garden areas. This is an attractive garden structure that aims to give the landscape a natural appearance closer to nature.
- Garden trellis can also be functional and attractive. Garden trellis can add height of the vertical space is limited, and perfect to hide not so pleasant views.
- Colored trellis (treage) is an excellent detail to the landscape. Some colored pergolas can be attached to the house, while others can be freestanding treages.

- Arch is garden addition that is very comfortable to support climbing plants - roses, clematis and others. Usually it is situated at the entrance or as a freestanding structure for emphasis.

garden_bridges_1839_a - Another interesting structure is the bridge. This garden detail may be added to the garden landscape with or without the presence of water. The garden bridge can cross the pond, some lower part of the landscape or part of the rockery.

Garden structures can serve many purposes, while adding special touches to the environment. Garden structures create great focal points. You can choose between many styles and materials for production, such as wood, iron, stone, etc.

We will be glad to help you with the choice, whether to buy a finished structure or to produce on individual orders of acceptable price for you.
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