The lighting used in the garden is to ensure safety, security, accentuation and to highlight features of the landscape.

The design and the layout of garden lighting depends on various factors, among which are the characteristics of the area, its size and function, as well as the ideas of the owners. The lights not only highlight detail from the outside, but they also create image for larger spaces at night.

There are several types of outdoor lighting:

- Lights placed at ground level and upwards, to highlight focal points in the landscape such as trees, signs and architectural elements
- Lights placed on the facade of the object to having noted the architecture
- Lights placed over an object or place or downward to ensure the security of lighted place
- Backlights: lights, situated behind works of art or plant to throw silhouette (shadow) on the wall for added effect
- Lighting for paths: lights placed just above the ground level along sidewalks, driveways or paths

- Special lights: lights that give emphasis to the particular location of the yard, especially at night. Their goal is to create a special mood or atmosphere

patio-lighting-1There is a large selection of modern garden and park lighting:

- Poles with lighting for paths, trails
- Hanging lighting fixtures, fixtures for gardens and patios
- Spotlights or elements, embedded in the ground
- External Ceiling Lights
- LED and solar lighting
- Decorative lamps and various lanterns

Modern lighting solutions are available in a very wide price range as they suit every taste and budget. The choice of lighting depends entirely on you and just because there are so many available options, such as type and price, you can easily find one that reflects the taste, personality and style of your home, cottage, office or restaurant.
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