Natural stone

The nature stone is widely used for exterior cladding and flooring. It is available in slabs, and cut fixed size or slabs of arbitrary shape. It is produced in the form of logs or larger to make retaining walls, stairs, pavements and other different landscape elements.

Main advantages of natural stone:
- Solid and strong material from nature
- Very durable and resistant to external influences
- Gives the possibility of various design-decisions

Natural stone has a natural appearance and it is ideal material for the layout and design of your yard, office or restaurant. If you are looking for a material that can withstand large Immagini 4222 temperature variations and specific weather conditions, which can be maintained for long years, natural stone is certainly the best choice.

Granitogres/ gres tile

Granitogres is one of the most commonly used materials in pavement surfaces. Granitogres is hard, dense and waterproof, which make it a good option for rugged exterior surface. In comparison with other external flooring, granitogres features an exceptional variety of colors, types, shapes and sizes. At the same time, many companies producing gres tiles, so it can be found in all price satisfying every budget.

semir_polaranz_1Clinker tiles/ Paving slabs

Clinker tiles are a natural product, made on the basis of chamotte. They have excellent performance: frost resistance, low moisture absorption, resistance to dust and damage. Because of its quality material, found good use for outdoor coverage. They are available in colors similar to clay - beige, red. You can combine them with designs both classic and modern style.  


Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete, painted and shaped so, that it looks like a number of other building materials such as brick, stone, tile and wood. Stamped concrete is available in a variety of prints, patterns and designs for residential and commercial projects, alleys and courtyards. It is resistant to all kind of weather conditions, frost and sunlight, oils and acids. If you have a concrete idea of the path, patio or something else, stamped concrete is a good decision.  

Decking Systems, Technical wood

Technical wood has the appearance of wood, but does not have its usual problems. It is durable, has exceptional moisture resistant, resistant against termites and insects, it can be painted or nailed as the most commonly wood, environmentally friendly and easy to clean and maintain. It is available in different colors and represents an excellent alternative to tropical hard wood.    


Concrete elements - tiles, paving, curbs

Concrete blocks for pavements require almost no maintenance and are durable cargo, flows of people, etc. Concrete tiles / pavers are relatively cheap and accessible, but in contrast, they are not so attractive. Concrete elements are available in different kind of shapes, sizes and colors - paving slabs, pavers, curbs and others. They are used mainly for park development, public spaces, streets, and less in private yards. Better quality versions are concrete paving stones in various shapes and colors. This allows the creation of remarkable patios and paths through the arrangement of cobblestones in unique shapes and combinations.
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