The key to the successful creation of a beautiful garden is proper soil preparation. Without it, most lawns and ornamental plants will not have the required effect and durability.

For optimal growth plants need 4 basic components (in an appropriate amount) - sunlight, air, water and nutrients. Two of these components they receive via the soil. Therefore, the incorrect proportioning of any of these components can lead to destruction of the plants. Conversely, if proportioning is evenly, they will flourish, providing not only a beautiful landscape, but also clean and safe place for recreation, relaxation and entertainment.

The initial preparation and processing on the field are the essential for beautiful garden.

We offer the following activities on preparing the ground to have a beautiful, healthy and trouble-free garden:

- Clean the area of any building materials (lime, cement, bricks, etc.), as well as all buried stumps, roots, rocks and debris.
- Processing of the area for removal of drainage problems. This includes rising early on slopes and filling the lower places.
- Construction of retaining walls, terraces and so on.
- Deep soil treatment.
- Delivery of humus soil.
- Fertilization with appropriate fertilizers with high quality.
- Fine leveling the entire area, smoothing the rough edges and bumps.
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